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Sunday, February 11, 2018


Bad bosses - we all had them or are currently having them. For the lucky ones who are yet to experience them (of course, we hope not) we all wonder why we encounter such people. Are we bad people too? Did we do something wrong? How can we change this? And so on. And although the questions can become quite endless, I am here to say that in every bad thing about our lives there is always the good. And so here comes the good things about a bad boss.

#1 They will help you examine yourself as a worker.

We will only know the one thing if there is something to compare it with. In this case, if you know that you boss is a bit abusive, you have to ask --- have I been one to my co-worker? And if so, what are the things that you can do to make things better?

Look at your bad boss as the best background for you to think of yourself as worker. Learn the things that you have in common (of course, be honest with yourself) and try to evolve from that.

#2 They will help you examine your own leadership style.

Even if you are part of the team or even the main leader, knowing what ticks you off from another leader can help you know what kind of leadership type you have. The good thing is that since you know what ticks you off and what is counterproductive, then you definitely know what are the things to avoid for future reference.

#3 They will push you to assert yourself.

This is the hard part, I guess. When you are dealing with a bad boss and if you have finally determined in yourself that this is not the type of leader that you want to serve, then know that there will be a point wherein even you have to draw the line.

Bad bosses need someone to stand up to them from time to time. Of course, there is no need for a shouting match, but if you want to leave with your own dignity and values, then by all means find a worthy leader to serve.


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