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Friday, March 23, 2018


Back in the day, I know of this Erzulliesta who was part of the "genius group". She was technically the "dumbest" one in that group, but suddenly when an exam came by and she became number one, she was suddenly accused of "cheating". And after a re-examination, her grades actually improved even more, that "genius group" isolated her for being "too bright". They just could not handle the fact that the "dumbest" of the group is actually smarter at something than the rest of them. 

Since then, this Erzulliesta became "ashamed" for shining "too bright". "Too bright" makes you lose your friends. "Too bright" makes you a hermit nerd. "Too bright" means isolation even in an institute that supposed to be celebrating academic achievements.

But then, when this Erzulliesta met other Erzulliestas, things changed. She realized that it was not because she was "too bright" that is why she got isolated. Being "too bright" actually guided her away from the people who do not appreciate it, towards the people who will.

And now, she shines bright with the rest of other women who were also told to be "too bright", but for each other, they just shine very well. 

Embrace your #WILDCURVES, Erzulliesta. It's the only thing you can be.

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