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Thursday, March 8, 2018


This campaign, #WILDCURVES, is dedicated to all the fierce plus size women who were told to be "too much" of anything --- "too strong", "too loud", "too ambitious", "too big", "too small", "too demanding", "too confident", "too sexual", "too wild" and so on.

And I say to you, my dear Erzulliestas, to those people you should respond, "I own my #WILDCURVES".

Never allow other people to make you shrink yourself --- your whole glory and even your fantastic flaws --- in order for them to be able to "handle you". Never ask other people to do the same. Walk away from people who ask you to become something less of who you are and make sure you allow those people to walk away from you should it be the other way. 

Truth of the matter is, you can never really be less of who you are because "the truth will always come out". And the truth is you are an empowered plus size woman --- you will say what you mean, mean what you do and do what you say. 

You just make them a little nervous, that's all. 

You make them nervous that you are able to determine and assert your worth as a plus size woman because it is your birthright. You are worth the love, money, power and life you are after, just like any other magnificent beings here in this Universe. And just like everybody else, you will get it. For you, the Universe knows no size or body shape, but only the bravery of your spirit to continuously say and declare, “I deserve this.” And the more you say it, the nearer it comes to you to experience and have.

You make them nervous that you are honest in the way you conduct yourself and express your preferences. It is about showing your unbridled female power and passion for who you are, what you do and the way you live. It is about embracing the fact that you are an empowered plus size woman and this is how you have chosen to live your life. You talk this way because you mean it. You act this way because this is how you see fit and you look this way because you feel amazing in it. You accept the fact that at the end of the day, you are your own master and you only answer to yourself.

Finally, you make them nervous about living so free that even if things do not go your way, you are not sorry. You are still grateful to have lived it and made a choice that is completely yours. Whatever you do --- IT WAS ALL YOU. Everything is by your own volition. Nevermind if you were right or wrong, if you win or lose. You just revel in the fact that our choice was yours and yours alone. You will always be at peace with ourselves knowing that you have made a very clear personal choice. 

That is who you are and that is it. Plain and simple. 

People may not understand your choices, but they will respect it. And for the rest of the populace, you know they will love it. You are an Erzulliesta, after all, and you are an empowered plus size woman from the get go and you have no plans to go opposite of that direction. You are who you are because you said so and nothing in this Universe can ever dictate it, but yourself.

Whatever your lifestyle may be, however you choose the way you look and no matter how much you have changed over the years, know that this life is yours and yours alone. And as much as people are free to say whatever they want, you are also free to live however you want it to be. Go on. I tell you. Be wild and free! 

For you are an Erzulliesta --- a woman who has a mind of her own, a spirit stronger than a thousand brave hearts and a wardrobe as feisty as her will. Unleash your #WILDCURVES and live the fiercest life you know you deserve. 

Love the journey, 

Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: