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Saturday, April 21, 2018


I know that Erzulliestas love to work. We love to make efforts in achieving our dreams and we believe that the empowering thing we can ever do in any situation is control ourselves and make sure that we do our part. But what if you have given it your all? What if you have racked your brains out, exhausted all your efforts and resources? What do you do between where your efforts end and waiting for things to work out for you?

That is where I am right now. I am in that place. I am in between my efforts and the manifestations of my goals. And I tried my best to work harder and push on further, but I just know that this is beyond me now. All that I can do is wait.

So what do you do? “In the meantime”.

I listened to myself to see what I can do FOR MYSELF. And this is what my body actually told me.

#1 I am exhausted. Time for me to rest. To fallow. 

I don’t know if you have read this article that I have read before about “fallowing”. It is a term that I have discovered when I opened this inspirational deck I have found last year. It basically means allowing the ground for farming to be open, raw and breathe to recover from all the efforts made.

If you know that you have done it all and given it your all, then it is time for you to rest and see what happens. Yes, Erzulliesta. It is the hardest part for me, a woman who constantly wants activity left and right --- rest. Do nothing. Allow myself and my life to breathe as it is. Treat it as nothing is wrong and just let it be.

What to do for rest? Take a vacation. Get isolated. Stay in bed. Rest up. Like literally close your eyes. Breathe deep and through and let go. Rest up.
Do some self-care. Does your hair need a trim? Treatment? Nails some care? Name it. Do it.

Truth of the matter is, you will need all this energy when that dream comes so, might as well relax your muscles until the time comes.

#2 Look at things that you have postponed and focus on that.

There is no point of hammering on the same nail over and over again. No matter what you do, if it is already in there, it’s already in there. The house needs a thousand nailed nails though… so why not look around for things that you have postponed and do them?

I know. This one is a bit contradictory with the first one. However, you can only handle so much sleep. Admit it! So for the times when you feel that you need to do something. Look around. What are the things that you have postponed for the moments you were after something?

Are there any books lying around that needs to be read? Are there mails that need to be sorted? Are there people you are missing that needs a bit of rekindling?
In my case, it is all the books that I have not been able to process and articles that I have always wanted to write --- or maybe … JUST MAYBE that book that I have always wanted written.

#3 Get grateful.

Look around your life and see how much you have built it. Time to revel in the greatness of your own making. Take time to reflect on your life and how far you have gone. This will really pump your life up for the better and even see more sense as to why the Universe is taking her sweet time to give you what you wanted.


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