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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Every woman has a set of standards that she likes to uphold while dating. It could be a period of courtship, a sense of consistency, down to her deal breakers.

Fortunately, there are multitude of men who would be willing enough to fulfill them, because they know that a woman like you --- an Erzulliesta at that --- rarely comes his way.

But for those who are otherwise, well we have one sentence to say “let him walk”.

But he could be the one, Aries...

If he is the one then we should not even be having this conversation. He will be checking each one off the list even way before you say them.

But he could change, Aries...

The keyword is “could”. And if you know that word, it “could” mean “he can change or NOT” at all.

Furthermore, when he found you, you were already whole. As such, don’t you think you also deserve a whole man?

But maybe my standards are too high?

They are called standards, and the level of difficulty would definitely depend on who is doing it. To the man who is really meant for you, this will be easy, even better --- effortless. To the man who is not for you, then of course it will be too high. But then again, you are a Goddess from the heavens... you are worth the climb.  

So, my dear Erzulliestas, before you feel bad because a man did not meet them, I have said it before and I will say it again --- LET HIM WALK. He is not the one for you. You will want a man that does these things to you naturally rather than have the pain of “training” them to do so. 

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