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Sunday, May 20, 2018


People define success as the percentage of the time that you were able to get what you wanted in life. The higher this percentage is, the higher you are in the success pyramid.

I had this epiphany while I was in a car going to a different city. Funny how epiphanies can just spring unto you in the oddest places. We are all hoping for that glorious, mountain top, semi-sentimental pop song background kind of deal, but no. The Universe has decided that it should be around 3 in the afternoon, with me inside a car in the middle of BGC traffic.

Something cracked inside of me when I have realized it. I immediately thought --- so what if you did not get what you want? I mean, there are many things in this world that we sure we would want and not get and then later on we realized it is the best failure in the world we could ever make. So what is wrong with not getting what you want?

And if that is not a problem at all, then surely what is success then?

Success as we see it should be defined by our own selves. In this case, in the middle of that traffic, I have realized that I am successful as long as everything that I have done and chosen in my life is 100% of my own volition, whether or not I actually get what I wanted.

If I said that I wanted to make a fierce plus size fashion line, I will do everything I can do make it happen and whatever the results may be, I will take it because I chose to have a fierce plus size fashion line.

If I said that I want to change paths because I feel it in my soul to be the truth, then I will chose it and do it. Whatever lies at the end of that path, I will be more than happy to welcome because this is my choice and the fact is, when I get there? I can choose again.

My choice. My life. My decisions.

As I have mentioned before in the main #WILDCURVES post campaign. Win or lose, right or wrong --- the important part is that you have made a clear choice that is yours and yours alone.

All these rights and wrongs, dark, light and mediocrities --- the important part is that you own it. You own all of it because you chose it. And whether or not that choice got you what you wanted, the point is you did whatever you could to actually get it. You chose to make that choice and you are more than happy to live with the consequences.


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