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Thursday, May 31, 2018


"Guys, when do you let go of a bra?” One of my soulmates and make-up extraordinaire, Erzulliesta Zaza Rodriguez asked via text. There were a lot of answers and this inspired me to write this article about it. Again, these are based on my experience and knowledge as I have “walked on fiercely” in this industry. Check out signs when you need to let go:

#1 Panties --- G-String, Thong, Cheeky, Granny etc.

Truth be told, for hygienic purposes and depending on how you use them, you can let go of panties as soon as they are a year old. Why? Well, we are women and let’s be honest, we excrete a lot of things every month. And of course, we do wash them and press them and make sure that they are all in the cleanest state possible but a cloth can only take so much and store them too!

If you already find discoloration in the crotch part even after cleaning, feel free to let go of it and get a fresh new panty that you deserve!

Same goes if the garter turns into bacon or it is hurting your lady parts and making you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

#2 Bra --- all kinds (except sticky ones)

Let’s deal with the sticky ones first. Depending on what they claim on the box (some claim 20-50 uses. Others claim FOREVER), sticky bras last according to your body’s chemistry. After all, the reaction of the glue and the outfits you use them on will have a factor on the lifespan of the product.

If you use them all the time, the main rule is that if they are no longer sticking or the sticky part has all these oddities on them (dust, bits and pieces of fabric) or have lost their shape, whether or not you have reached the limit, let them go.

If you rarely use them and store them properly, then it is safe to say 6 months to a year. Remember, once the glue has touched your skin, external products may have already affected the glue inside that can change the chemistry of it all. You do not want irritated boobs now do you?

For the regular ones, it is safe to say that as long as they are holding their ORIGINAL shape, underwires are strong and still in place, no discoloration from the inside after cleaning, garters are retaining their elasticity and it is still comfortable to wear, then by all means keep them.

Unlike underwear, we usually just sweat through our chest. So it is not a lot of “secretions”. So as long as the earlier characteristics are checked, you are good to go.

#3 General Lingerie --- Onesies, Teddy’s, Body suits etc.

Truth be told, you can keep them as much as you can. As long as everything seems to be in order and no discoloration in the crotch area, then have at it, girl!

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