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Thursday, May 3, 2018


Erzulliesta Corinne De Guzman is one of the finalists of #TNEI2017. Although she did not make the final cut, we are definitely sure we did not hear the last of her yet. What struck me the most personally is the amount of openness she has as a person while maintaining her own opinion on matters. This woman does not just AGREE with you, she will think and only accept what she knows is proper. Speaking of which, we pick her brains about plus size women and relationships. And this you just have to read!

#1 What do you think of single plus size women? Sad or Sexy? Why so?

I think, no, I believe that being plus size does not always have to equate as to ending up single and sad. There are plus size women who are happily in a relationship just as there are those who are happily single and still those who are "normal size" in a relationship and yet unhappy. I think it will all depend on how you feel about your body and your being plus size. And it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship as long as you are happy being the way you are.

At the moment, I am happily single but I still date (a lot) and I keep myself surrounded with great friends. I choose to remain single because I want to enjoy my career and enjoy being with a lot of people and meeting new people without having to worry about asking for permission and going out whenever and with whomever. In my kind of work, and in my circumstance now, I don’t think I’m up to always having to explain myself or having to ask permission to someone other than my mother and my boss.

I believe that I have no expiration date for me. I am a happy go lucky kind of gal and I trust that everything happens for a reason. I believe that love can happen anytime and we are all different and have different timelines. Love can happen to some at their 20s and maybe for me it will come later.

#2 Describe the ideal relationship/partner. Why these characteristics?

A relationship that is nurturing, educating, sweet and thoughtful but never constricting. Playful but caring. Passionate but responsible.

It doesn’t matter what age gap we have or whether we are of the same age we have to always give and take and there will be times I am the one nurturing or educating and there are times that I am the one being taken care of and learning.

My ideal partner would have to be someone I can talk to. Someone who is witty and has a good sense of humor. Someone who is streetsmart and has some kind of arrogance in him when he walks with me by his side. Someone who I will listen to when he starts giving me advice. Someone I can trust and I always feel safe with. Someone I will take care of and will take care of me. Someone who is dependable, honest and loyal.

He has to be God fearing and someone who prays the rosary. Someone who loves his mother and respects all women regardless if he is interested in them or not. He doesn’t need to be handsome but he has to be clean and pleasant looking and pleasant smelling. He is someone who is my bestfriend and partner in crime. My biggest fan and worst critic. He is the man God prepared and created for me to treat me like a princess.

#3 What’s the best kind of date you can think of? Why that?

A date that is interactive and not just sitting having a meal or watching a movie. Maybe going to a museum or going to theme park. Somewhere we will be able to see one another's attitude and character through our actions and how we react to certain artwork and or ride or game. I would also like to be able to spend some time with him as he drives because I feel that our etiquette while driving when we are unguarded says a lot about our real character.

#4 Do you believe that you have to be complete to find your partner? Why or why not?

Yes definitely. I have to be complete myself and then my partner also complete on his own and then we meet. I do not believe in people saying "you complete me" or "I can’t live without you" to me. We were all created complete and thus we can survive without our partner and no person is to complete us. We meet other people and we complement them we help each other grow but never really to complete another.


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