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Saturday, July 14, 2018


First and foremost, let me separate the meaning of "work" from random "busyness".

Work means your career. You know --- the ones that pays your bills?

Random busyness, on the other hand, is you doing a lot of things that really has no meaning to you. You just want to show off that you have an active lifestyle for some reason. WE ALL KNOW A PERSON LIKE THAT IN OUR LIVES...

But of course, you are an Erzulliesta. You know the difference.

I have often been criticized for working too much. And although there is a bit of truth in that, I actually need to do this to achieve that current lifestyle that I have right now. I will not be shamed for working for the life I am currently enjoying.

And same with you, my dear #WILDCURVES. Be an Erzulliesta and work like your lifestyle depended on it. Because let's face it, it does.

Keep going, baby.

Mother Fierce

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