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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


We have made the first 10 before, but we feel like we should do one more. Erzulliestas are all about self-empowerment and I love it to bits and pieces! If you are looking for a way to “fierce up” those curves and bring about the empowering aspect of you --- learn these tips and tricks!

#1 Put on your favorite shade of lipstick.

There is always something dangerous, mysterious and powerful about a woman who has this perfect of shade of lipstick on her.

When you are in the zone and feeling it all too well, you know you are going to exude confidence all over.

#2 Put on a perfume that makes you feel sexy.

Okay. So not just perfume. Sometimes wafting your favorite scent of any form can bring about the best in you. It’s about smelling something good and feeling good about it.

And what happens when you feel good? You get to exude “good”. Maybe Goddess?

#3 Get your hair done.

Nothing makes an Erzulliesta feel like a Diva after a trip to the salon. And even if you are more of a do-it-yourself girl, all the better!

Invest some time to do your hair into your liking. Even if it is just down to wash and wear. Go get it, Erzulliesta!

#4 Get your nails done.

If you have not done bejeweled nails yet, then this is one way to get your “Queen” on.

You don’t need to get a bejeweled crown to assert that you are “Queening”. The modern Queens decorate their claws on --- asserting their fierceness and of course, creativity.

#5 Get your Erzullie on.

Is this post self-serving? DEFINITELY NOT. Hahaha. We just know that you ladies get your fiercest curves on wearing your fiercest Erzullie style. And even if it is not an Erzullie one, go and do your thing, lovely.

Put on your fiercest style with the greatest occasion in mind --- CELEBRATION OF YOU.

Fierce up and the rest of the world does it with you.

#6 Talk Good To Yourself.

Nope. It’s not narcissim.

No. It’s not vain.

No. It’s not crazy talk.

Talk good to yourself. Go to a mirror and give yourself a bit of a pep talk before you go out to the world. Self-confidence starts with the belief from within.

#7 Get your eyebrows done.

A bit of a clean up is more than enough to frame your beautiful face. Getting your eyebrows done is not only hygenic but definitely gives your face the best look that it deserves.

#8 Give yourself a treat.

Big or small ones will always bring about delight in your heart. And when you are delighted from within, you will start feeling delicious too. And when you are feeling it, you will start acting like it.

Get your fierce on by giving yourself that treat you deserve. Coffee? Book? 10 minutes of silence? Go get that baby!

#9 Wear jewelry.

Faux or real, it doesn’t matter. Feel like a total Queen with some shimmer, glimmer and glamour of jewelry. Wear your favorite Erzullie piece and go extra with jewelry.

There is something about luxury and how it softens our heart, making us feel abundance all throughout our life. And again, if you feel it, you are it.

#10 Dance to your favorite music.

I will let you in a little secret. Whenever I feel like I want to fierce up, I put on music in my player and walk like I am in a music video.

I don’t care what I look like to other people. But I imagine myself walking in the sexiest and powerful manner I can think of, as if I am part of the music video doing a runway.

So get your fierce on and put in a little mind show for yourself. Walking like you are on a runway will definitely put a “oomph” into your step.

Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: