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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


It doesn’t have to be the New Year to update yourself style wise. And of course, an Erzulliesta’s style is eternal. It goes beyond a season and will always be “on point”. But of course, a little updating would not hurt. Here are 3 stylish things you need to update to fierce up!

#1 Your outerwear.

Outerwear is mainly for warmth and cover. And of course, seasons change. So make sure that these pieces are always in order. Make sure that the fabric is still intact. The threads are still in line. And the buttons are still workable.

If not, time to update it. If you can have it altered, that would be fierce. But for those that you know you really have to let go --- yes please!

#2 Trendy items

I know that Erzulliestas rock the trends every now and then. And yes, I know that you ladies do not necessarily care what other would think of you.

If you wanted to look like you were a time traveler from the 80’s by all means, yes!

But for those trends that you know you no longer like, then you know that it’s time to say good bye and update them --- maybe go 90’s?

#3 Printed items.

There are just some prints that come and go. Some are classics like the polkadot, stripe, chevron and even florals! But for some prints that you are no longer feeling (some animal prints for example), we highly suggest that you let that go and switch it to something that bring out the fierce curves from within!


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